Great Apps from SXSW

Match Day Bash   Splash

Splash, an event planning/promoting web app, is so great looking and easy to use, I immediately planned a party, just to play with the platform. For free, users can add widgets like music, speakers, sponsors, and maps to their event page. You can also prominently feature an event hashtag and track social activity on the site, and at your event.

Here are some of the other great sites I discovered at SXSW:

Film Maker Live: A great way for filmmakers to test locations digitally without the cost of setting up a shoot.

Event Base: The creators of event apps for SXSW, Lollapalooza, Sundance, and London Olympics.

Creative Live: Thinking differently about education, offering all sorts of courses, from business courses to design and music production.

Jack Prints: Promotional items with sustainability in mind.

Here’s 5 other apps AdAge discovered at SXSW.


Rick and Morty Premieres Episode in 109 Instagram Clips

RAM instagramThis past Friday, Adult Swim released a full episode of Rick and Morty on Instagram in 109 clips (15 seconds or less), three days before the episode premiered. Despite Variety and other press calling the stunt ridiculous, it worked . . . surprisingly well.  The show’s comedy, similar to other short attention span animated comedies like Family Guy can easily be consumed in quick bites. 27k people followed the Rick and Morty Instagram feed in the first 3 days before the premiere of the show. Each clip recieved hundreds (some thousands) of comments and likes – indicating that many people watched the episode the whole way through. Read more about it here.

And “Rixty Minutes” is my favorite episode yet. This bite sized clip sums it up nicely.

Networks Releasing Episodes Online Prior to Premiere


VOD & SVOD had a landmark year, and millennials are developing different expectations for how they find and enjoy entertainment content. Interested in how they find out about TV and where they are most likely to watch it, I recently worked on a research project trying to determine the effectiveness of sampling episodes digitally prior to linear premiere with P18-34.

We found in research that consumers are pickier than ever about what they watch. Most say they will only watch show if they are confident they are going to like it. People who use Netflix and watch episodes on network websites say that they are more likely to try out new shows and a large percentage of P18-34 discover shows online that they then watch on linear TV.

The networks seem to be responding to these facts. They are increasingly putting episodes online for free prior to the premiere. Here’s a list of some of the case studies we chose:

Comedy Central: Broad City (released pilot on network site, Hulu)

Fox: The Mindy Project, New Girl, Ben and Kate (released pilots on network site, Hulu, Yahoo, Amazon, XBOX)

ABC: The Goldbergs, Trophy Wife (released pilot on network Site)

HBO: Girls (released first 2 episodes of second season on YouTube)

TBS: Ground Floor (released the pilot on network site)

TNT: Mob City (released the script to the first episode on Twitter)

Adult Swim: Rick and Morty (released the pilot episode on network site, YouTube)

Incredible 3-D Projections

At this past year’s Adult Swim upfront, we used awesome projection mapping technology to make one of our giant owls come to life. Click here to check out a video of the owl. When projection mapping is done well it can be mind-blowing. This past year Coke projected onto their headquarters in Atlanta each evening, which you could see from all over midtown Atlanta. Recently I came across this example from the Dumbo Arts festival in Brooklyn. Click here to see how they made this building and tunnel come to life. Projection mapping is a great way of grabbing people’s attention in a unconventional way – but to do it properly, requires thought and creativity.


Win a Shoutout On Workaholics

This is my second post on Workaholics, so cat’s out of the bag, I’m a big fan of the show. They’ve got a interesting promotion running right now in which fans can have their name inserted into conversation on one of the last episodes of the season. The promotion fits perfectly considering the show is built on obscure references. It’s a great way of keeping the fans involved and the Facebook platform makes the entry easy. Oh yea, and their billboard was put up today in LA . . . it’s perfect. Check it out.


Dollar Shave Club Does Small E-Biz Right

Smart Business Idea + Funny Viral Video + Cleanly Designed Website = E-Business Gold. The folks at Dollar Shave Club have got a great model that’s perfectly appropriate for the web. Without an easy to use website with few barriers to purchase, I’m not sure how successful they could be – but with so little stopping you, why not get a razor for you or a friend?

Workaholics addicted to social

I’m used to seeing twitter hashtags overlayed on my favorite TV shows. Comedy central in particular has made a big push as of late to incorporate hashtags into their programming. But Workaholics takes the cake for the best use of twitter hashtags I’ve seen during the stations’ programming. The show changes hashtags displayed on the bottom of the screen based on the storyline on the show. In two of this seasons episodes I’ve watched twitter blow up with the “#blonders” and “#turtlepower” hashtags, days and even weeks after the episode aired. On top of the excellent use of hashtags, the show does a great job of engaging in fan conversation in social media. The three main characters on the show each have their own twitter personalities which tweet frequently, and each have their own tumblr accounts which they use to augment their characters on the show. These tactics have been used before on other popular programs, but Workaholics is one example of how the conversation can be truly be two ways, and a whole lot of fun.