Workaholics addicted to social

I’m used to seeing twitter hashtags overlayed on my favorite TV shows. Comedy central in particular has made a big push as of late to incorporate hashtags into their programming. But Workaholics takes the cake for the best use of twitter hashtags I’ve seen during the stations’ programming. The show changes hashtags displayed on the bottom of the screen based on the storyline on the show. In two of this seasons episodes I’ve watched twitter blow up with the “#blonders” and “#turtlepower” hashtags, days and even weeks after the episode aired. On top of the excellent use of hashtags, the show does a great job of engaging in fan conversation in social media. The three main characters on the show each have their own twitter personalities which tweet frequently, and each have their own tumblr accounts which they use to augment their characters on the show. These tactics have been used before on other popular programs, but Workaholics is one example of how the conversation can be truly be two ways, and a whole lot of fun.