Brand partnerships that make sense

Originally aired during a episode of Glee, Google Chrome’s “It Gets Better” campaign is a great example of a partnership that works. The Google marketing campaign partnered with a great cause, the It Get’s Better Project, which provides support for bullied gay youth, in order to promote it’s Chrome browser. The spot showcases all the capabilities of the browser as well as the integration of Google’s services (Youtube, Blogger) while simultaneously delivering a very powerful and inspiring message about the It Get’s Better Project. The campaign should generate great press for Google, which as a company is frequently portrayed by the media as big brother, hoarding personal information for evil bidding (Google’s motto of course is “Don’t be evil”). This is just another initiative in Google’s history of support of positive social change.

Check out the Google Chrome and’s ad:

On a less impactful note, but similarly using marketing for the power of good, I noticed a great brand partnership while sitting at a local pub this weekend. On my coaster, I found a co-branded ad for Heineken and Taxi Magic. The two companies have partnered to help promote Heineken’s responsible drinking initiative. The promotion works great for both brands, getting word out for the Taxi Magic mobile app (for which I am a brand advocate) while positioning the Heineken brand as responsible and savvy. Hopefully anyone who had one too many this weekend also had access to a smart phone . . .


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