Simple Communication Applied

Along the same lines as my last post, imagine if some of the brands that develop the products you use everyday were to simplify their product design. One of my favorite cleaning product companies, for example, is Method. Their cleaning solutions are not so different from some their direct competitors, but were they really shine is in their product design. The bottles and dispensers use simplified, elegant design. When people choose to buy method for their washroom, it’s not for their less harsh chemicals or fancy scents (that seemingly always include cucumber), it’s because their product is a fashion statement. Their design is meaningful.

The design consultancy Antrepo applied that same thought to various well known brands. They took the current design of products and widdled their cluttered product design to its most base form. Fuel Your Creativity’s blog post on Antrepo aggregates some of the best examples of the project.

Mr. Muscle

We’ve trained our mind to avoid advertising and clutter. In website design, users will subconsciously avoid any button or page element that looks like advertising. Maybe it’s time brands removed the 1950’s style advertising from their product labels. It could give them the design advantage that differenties their product. It could also save them some money on color sticker printing.