The pupil becomes the master (what we can learn from mobile)

In a recent survey performed by Harris Interactive and EffectiveUI, it was found that people are increasingly expecting companies to create mobile sites and mobile applications. No surprises there; with smart phones continuing to flood the marketplace, and with an increased amount of traffic accessing the web through their phones, people expect that the websites they visit on a daily basis will utilize mobile technology. While on the go, the majority of users have less time to browse a site, not to mention a smaller, less robust mobile interface. Companies have therefore stripped their websites down to a simplified mobile app or site. A good mobile site usually provides the option of using the full site or a simplified version of the site with clear actionable paths.

According to the study:

  • 73% expect a company’s mobile app to be easier to use than a website
  • 76% think that a brand should have a mobile app to make interacting and shopping with them easier
  • 74% of users thought the mobile site should be easy to use
  • 75% think it should do exactly what they want to do
  • 57% have recommended an app because of a positive experience

When we are thinking about translating our sites to mobile, we are simplifying our complicated sites to improve user experience. If you’re mobile site is simple and user-friendly enough, then people will share it with their peers. The model hasn’t changed. Positive experience leads to positive word of mouth which leads to SALES. Maybe its time we started learning a lesson from mobile. Instead of letting your site dictate the design and structure of your mobile app – what if you created a FANTASTIC mobile app, and brought similar thinking to your whole website. Users will always appreciate simplicity and ease of use. Why not at least give them the option of a simpler site version?

If an app isn't helpful or useful, user will have a negative perception about the brand. The same goes for your website.

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