What is my social media strategy?

If you haven’t given it much thought, then here is the site for you:



Favorite Blogs for (Web) Analytical Thinking

Sometimes the best reading to improve the way you approach web analytics is not about web analytics at all. I frequently read blogs on usability, user experience, design, and online marketing. There’s no point in using analytics for analytics sake – tools are only useful for impacting change on your website and web presence. Smashing magazine, Logic + Emotion, and Mashable are all great blogs to keep you thinking high level and to ensure that when you address analytics it’s for the purpose of impacting change, not just pulling reports.

Below are four blogs I read frequently for analytics insight:

Provides great examples of how analytics can influence site performance and conversion.

Google analytics blog, but most of the principles can be applied to any analytics tool.

Avinash is business minded and an analytics thought leader. His posts tend to be lengthy, but his high level insight has been hugely helpful to the way I approach analytics.

Seth Godin writes frequently about online marketing, and although it may not directly relate, his business insight helps me to think differently about goals for a companies online presence.