Showing HTML 5 off to all your friends

If you’re as excited about what HTML 5 can do as I am, then you’ve already seen this site weeks ago. The Wilderness Downtown is Google Chrome collaboration with the band Arcade Fire to create an interactive music video for their song “We Used to Wait.” I’ve been showing it off to all my friends in order to explain how HTML 5 is changing how we interact with the internet. On top of the song being pretty darn good – the video will change the way you think about experiencing music. Take some time to experiment with all of the features of the music video. Play with the birds, type, draw, and for god sakes, use Google Chrome when viewing this . . .  in fact, just always use Google Chrome. And make sure you put in an address that can utilize the technology – watching trees shoot up out of the street outside my apartment complex was the icing on a very cool cake.

Check out: The Wilderness Downtown


TEDx Penn Quarter Update

I wanted to share some of my favorite talks from the TED event I went to over the summer. The marketing and social media presentations were certainly interesting, but the talks that I thought were most interesting were on topics almost completely unrelated to my field of work. That’s the wonderful thing about TED. It creates an environment that few are able to experience after college – intelligent people in completely unrelated fields getting together to share each others experiences and hopes for the future.

You can check out all the TEDx Pennquarter videos here.

Seaton Smith: Reinventing the Black Comedian. I have a special appreciation for comedians. They are among the best public speakers and in order to succeed, they must understand and adjust for what material their audience will think is funny. Seaton explains some of this process, his successes and failures in “black rooms” and “white rooms.”

Christopher McDonnel: Reinventing Running. Christopher shares some fascinating information about homo sapiens’ relationship with running. It’s not a commercial for those new toe shoes, although he did wear them up on stage.

Bram Weinstein: Reinventing Sports Media. Bram shares information about how sports have changed TV as we know it. If you’ve never really thought about how pervasive sports is on TV, the statistics he provides will surprise you.