Old Spice Powers it’s way into advertising history

The sheer volume of Old Spice’s video responses to users of various social media sites can leave you wondering if Isaiah Mustafa is in fact some sort of super man. This week, the company along with Wieden + Kennedy, released over 180 shorts responding to tweets, youtube comments, emails, and blog posts. Cementing it’s spot as one the best social campaigns of the year, “The man your man could smell like” was talked about on seemingly every blog I visited. Adfreak’s Tim Nudd was even mentioned in one the responses from Old Spice. Even cooler – one person actually got the Old Spice Man to propose to his girlfriend in one of his responses. To summarize, incredible/hilarious campaign, unique response to social media, I’m on a Horse!

Old Spice Youtube Channel


Exponential Growth in Social Media, or is it “Media”

The statistics in this presentation on social are staggering. Membership and interaction on sites such as Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter are doubling every year. One of the most shocking stats: Users spent 500 billion minutes on Facebook in the past year, up from 150 billion the year before. Then you read about how 1 of 6 marriages started in online media and how ONE THIRD of women 18-34 check Facebook when they first wake up (even before using the bathroom). Outrageous. The purpose of the presentation is to explain that social media is no longer a category of its own, now it’s just media. And it’s wrapped up in everything we do.

Thinking about re-reading “Rework”

I recently finished reading the book Rework, written by the founders of the company 37signals (creators of basecamp). The book caused me to rethink my day to day, how I relate to work and business in general. It also got me thinking more about someday starting my own business. I walked into work on Monday inspired to accomplish my daily tasks, and ready to take on a few more than normal. If you’re ever feeling stuck, this book comes with my highest recommendation. Check out the Rework website, and the 37signals website for more information.

I may just give it a re-read!

Getting on the AT&T Train

Though AT&T’s “Rethink Possible” campaign has been criticized for having mixed messages, this one spot created by BBDO has struck a heart string. As a general rule, if a 30 second commercial can make grown women cry, you may be doing something right. I must admit that this commercial has got me speaking to people on public transportation again. And oh yea . . . the capabilities of phones these days are pretty cool too.

This will definitely go down as one of my favorites of 2010.

A whole new mind, a whole new book

Today, I’m starting Daniel Pink’s book “A Whole New Mind: Why Right Brainers Will Rule the Future.” I’ll let you know how the book is once I finish it, but in order to get a taste, take some time to listen to Daniel speak at TED about human motivation. Social psychology really gets me FIRED UP!