Incredible Eco Trends discusses ECO-ICONIC, ECO-EMBEDDED, ECO-BOOSTER.

Today and in the future ‘Green’ is a status symbol

Some of my favorite project/products from the article:

The Bahrain World Trade Center is the world’s first commercial building to incorporate large-scale wind turbines into its initial design. It has three massive wind turbines that measure 29 meters in diameter and are supported on bridges between the BWTC’s two 240-meter-high towers. The turbines generate approximately 11–15% of the BWTC’s total energy needs.

The Nissan Pivo is a concept car by Nissan and is powered by a lithium-ion battery. The car is essentially a 360 degree rotating cabin on a chassis of 4 wheels, and hence eliminates the need for reversing and makes parking easier. The car’s futuristic design incorporates large doors for easy access to the cabin and large windscreens and windows for high visibility.

In February Nike introduced its Trash Talk shoes. From the sole to the shoelaces, this shoe is produced not only from ‘environmentally preferred’ materials but also recycled waste, with much of the latter coming from Nike’s own production facilities—scraps that would otherwise have been discarded.


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